9Rainwater_3379 Rainwater is selectively harvested in north west Tasmania under ideal conditions to ensure that nothing but the best makes it to the table. Gently sparkling or still, 9 Rainwater is the purest.

The rugged west coast of Tasmania is home to pristine rainforests, wind swept beaches, sheer cliffs and arguably the world’s purest air and water. The west coast of Tasmania is so pure and untouched that it is home to a baseline station. From this point, the air quality of the rest of the world is measured against the benchmark conditions experienced by north west Tasmania.

The prevailing winds that sweep across the west coast of Tasmania create dramatic landscapes. They also carry with them pure rainwater from over the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. With the nearest landmass over 10,000 kilometres away, the 9 Rainwater that is carried over the great Southern Ocean is untouched in every sense of the word.

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