Babicka_337Babička, the original wormwood vodka, revives the magic of a 500 year old Czech witches’ brew.

Babička (ba-bitch-ka) vodka was inspired by 16th century Czechoslovakian wise old women called “babičkas”. The babičkas freely used wormwood in their potions for its reputation of enhancing sensuality, creativity and love, not to mention its mildly hallucinatory effects. The babičkas rapidly became renowned for having mystical healing powers and practicing the art of witchcraft.

Babička vodka is distilled in the unspoilt landscape of the eastern region of the Czech Republic, Prostejov.

From the wormwood fields to the pure crystal waters of the low mountain ranges, the deep 10,000 year old springs to the fertile low lands of Moravian corn, Babička is created using only natural ingredients to ensure the subtle sweetness, smooth texture and floral bouquet unique to Babička vodka.

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