TresSombreros_337Tres Sombreros Tequila has a wide range of products. Its 100% varieties are entirely obtained from the material extracted from the agave heads. Its other varieties contain 80% of the plant.

The production of tequila and 100% agave tequila require rigorous production stages during which all the unique characteristics of our product are formed. Harvesting, baking and the extraction of the juices, and fermentation, distillation and ageing are strictly controlled stages and are carried out in a traditional way, thereby giving our product its own distinctive identity.

All agave is cultivated in the Altos de Jalisco region, in Aranda, which is an ideal geographic area for the plant as it is characterised by moderate rainfall, average temperatures and clay-like, porous soils with good aeration, as well as a high iron content, which produces the characteristic reddish colour of the area and results in sweet, fruity and herbal-tasting tequilas.

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