Located in Willunga, to the south of the McLaren Vale township, Edgehill Vineyard was established in the early 1970’s by Peter and Anthea Bosworth. Willunga itself was settled in approximately 1837 and Bosworths have been growing grapes in the district from the late 1840s. Son Joch Bosworth took over the management and day to day running of the vineyards in 1995.

Their wine takes its name from the original Battle of Bosworth, fought on Bosworth Field, Leicestershire, England in 1485. The roots of the family’s battle were planted in the early 1840’s with the first Bosworth vineyard in McLaren Vale. Their modern day Battle of Bosworth saw them convert their vineyards to organic viticulture in 1995.

Joch’s commitment to organic principles in the vineyards began with an increasing sense of discomfort about using synthetic chemicals on his soils and at the same time, that using natural, old fashioned farming techniques was utterly feasible in a climate as benign as McLaren Vale’s.

Max Allen in his book, The Future Makers; Australian Wines for the 21st Century, describes Joch as one of the ‘most important organic winemakers in Australia’.

UK Wine journalist Matthew Jukes said that Joch is regarded by his peers as ‘an off the wall viticultural genius‘.

Joch was named McLaren Vale’s grape grower of the year at the annual McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association’s (MVGWTA) Wine Industry Awards in September 2008. The award recognises best practise viticultural management in McLaren Vale, as well as commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability and grape growing excellence.

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