Mornington Peninsula & a love of Pinot Noir

Dan Buckle and Aaron Drummond met at Mount Langi Ghiran in 2007. After a vintage of Shiraz it was inevitable that the conversation would turn to any other varietal except Shiraz. With both of them growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, they were keen and curious as to what they could do with Pinot Noir from such great soil.

The name Circe derives from Homer and is a nice metaphor for the seductions – and perils – of Pinot Noir. Dan studied arts at university before realising it wouldn’t help him get a job. He then went on to oenology. At least his studies of the classics helped them develop a name.

They wanted to be at the forefront of the Mornington Peninsula and Australian Pinot Noir production. To do this they are pursuing a style that is aromatic, delicate and restrained. This is somewhat atypical to the Australian style, but represents wines they love to drink, which show their origins authentically. The style has confounded many people used to Australian fruit bombs, but those with more European palettes have embraced it.

In the short time that the wines have been on the market, Circe caught the media’s attention for sure:

“Very impressive Dan.” Tim Atkin MW via Twitter
“Circe Pinot Noir gives the Mornington Peninsula establishment a good nudge. Style and value.” Nick Stock
“Just tasted Dan Buckle’s Circe 2010, 2011 and 2012 Pinots – heaven on earth and all so evocative and representative of their vintages.” Matthew Jukes

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