At Giesen Wines, two things are believed to characterise an outstanding bottle of wine: the passion of the winemaker and the actual customer who opens it.

Giesen Wines was founded by three brothers – Alex, Theo and Marcel. When it comes to passion, wine has long been a part of their lives. As brothers growing up in Germany, they actually had ‘hobby vines.’ It wasn’t until the men were young adults and traveling the world, however, that they truly realised their passion and talent for winemaking. A visit to New Zealand resulted in a somewhat spontaneous land purchase outside of Christchurch. Their childhood experimentation in Germany paid off, though. The vineyard quickly proved to be an ideal and unique growing environment – one where the brothers could bring their knowledge of growing in colder climates.

Even from the first vintage, the Giesen brothers showed an insight into the terroir of the region that is unparalleled: Their first vintage included a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which the region is now renowned for.

Since then, the brothers have dedicated more than 30 years of their lives to producing world-class wines. In this time, Giesen Wines has seen remarkable growth and brought in international specialists for all components of the operation to produce an unforgettable wine experience that has in turn created a loyal following.

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