Beers & Ciders

Vale Brewing

Founded in 2008 by craft beer loving mates from Adelaide. Brewing four core beers plus a crisp cider from fresh apples.

MOA Brewing Co.

New Zealand
Founded in 2003, focus on brewing super premium handcrafted beers with traditional, costly, inefficient and labour intensive techniques.


New Zealand
Brewed for over 150 years on the South Island’s West Coast. Crafting a range of classic beers along with some forgotten favourites.

Renaissance Brewing

New Zealand
Est. 2005, brewing beers of British, American and European style with local ingredients only at the top of Marlborough.


New Zealand
Brewed since 1889, Tui is quintessentially Kiwi and is renowned as a great tasting beer with a strong yet smooth taste.


Founded in 1801 in the ancient Scottish port of Leith. All beers are crafted with ginger which is cold steeped for up to six weeks and combined with four secret ingredients.
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