In 2015, Kumeu River Chardonnays were compared with some top white Burgundies in a blind tasting. A panel of experts were invited to pass judgement on the wines, they included Jancis Robinson MW, Derek Smedley MW, Neal Martin (of The Wine Advocate), Mattew Jukes (Daily Mail), Tina Gellie (Decanter Magazine), Jamie Goode ( and Will Lyons of the Wall Street Journal. The result is a stunning victory for Kumeu River, winning 3 out of the 4 flights and 1 tie for the first Place!

Below are some articles about the blind tasting from some of the experts.

Top Kiwi v white burgundy
written by Jancis Robinson, 30 May 2015

“…a recent blind tasting of Kumeu River Chardonnays back to 2007 comparing them with some of their finest white burgundy equivalents suggests that, at least from this top producer outside Auckland, New Zealand Chardonnays can more than hold their own. And as for value, they won hands down, costing only a fraction of the wines they trounced.”

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Kumeu River versus Burgundy Chardonnay
written by Tina Geillie, 29 May 2015

“I thought the New World Chardonnay might stand out with a richer colour or more overt aroma or flavour against Burgundy, but it wasn’t always clear cut. The tasting seemed very much like with like, the scores based purely on wine quality.”

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Kumeu River Chardonnay versus white Burgundy
written by Jamie Goode

“…Kumeu River came out incredibly well. I think the first thing that most of us will have done straight after the tasting is to go online and see who has stocks of Kumeu River. They are sensationally good wines.”

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