Established in 1944, the Brajkovich family behind Kumeu River has continually demonstrates a sense of tradition, innovation and dedication.

The family brought wine making knowledge with them from Croatia to New Zealand and went on to be a founding family of the New Zealand wine industry.

Just as the Brajkovich family has grown, so too has the winery itself. Extensions and additions mark the milestones that have seen business adapt and expand over the years. Today, the winery produces around 250,000 bottles annually from 30 hectares of its own vineyards in Kumeu, and another 10 hectares from local growers.

The Chardonnay wines of Kumeu River have gained a strong foothold within the international market, receiving outstanding accolades. Striving for quality, they use a blend of new and old French Oak during barrel fementation and ensure only indigenous wild yeasts are used to enhance texture and complexity. The vineyard has gone on to become the globally recognised benchmark for non-Burgundy produced Chardonnay.

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