Source: UPM Raflatac

With the sleek and modern design accompanied by world-class manufacturing equipment; Xige Estate is ready to lead the winemaking in China. With RafCycle by UPM Raflatac recycling service, the company has set an example to the Chinese winemakers to turn label release liner waste into a resource and lead the Chinese wine industry one step closer to the circular economy.


1. The innovative RafCycle recycling service turns label release liner from millions of wine labels into a resource  

2. Joining the RafCycle service helps Xige Estate to set the sustainability benchmark and lead the wineries in the Ningxia region into the circular economy

3. Sustainability has distinguished Xige Estate from the market and added value to its brand

Situated in the northwest inland plateau of China, Ningxia is one of the premier wine regions in China. In the past 10 years, winemaking in Ningxia has been growing quickly in size and reputation.

Xige Estate is one of the largest wineries in Ningxia. With its unique architectural design and state of the art winemaking facilities, Xige Estate has been hailed by the local government as “the most modern winery in China”. Xige is aiming to create the best Chinese wine, not just by quality but also by volume. The USD44,5 million winery is designed to produce 13 million bottles of wine annually.

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